Ladies Clothing

Contents A-Z of store listing with Lucky Chairs or/&Boards. Click for more Details regarding , Groups, joining fee, and type of body , plus in game Url, pictures & addition infoamtion.

Dore Papillon Boutique – Sexy Mesh Clothing, Shoes & Boots

[KARMA]…aka BHB & BOYCOTT have amazing affordable men’s and women’s wear as well as furniture products …

Bumblebee – Ladies mesh clothing lara,belleza,slink etc

Cynful (clothing; located on the second floor; join the Cynful group for free to play these three lucky panels) >Mangula Ladies Fashion MAPS.SECONDLIFE.COMMangula

DarkFire & nO-Clue-Mesh Clothing,accessories,…/25 DOGGERS DEN R – group join is required, & you must be with in range for some time before you can sit and clam. MAPS.SECONDLIFE.COMWave

Princess Stuff. Mainstore and .Gacha Stuff.!

Cute Fashion, Heels, Jewels, Hair,MAPS.SECONDLIFE.COMMystic

:: S@BBiA ::., – free to join grp – secondlife:///app/group/c48f13ae-50a0-c2f2-14c6-e5eaebb81d7a/about

Loki, Kaleidoscope Island –…/Kaleidoscope%20Isla…/208/50/23- Group fee- 50L$

Safira Mainstore Some for group only, and some for non –

::SHEA DESIGNS::.. Clothing for Women & Men…/Hilton%20Villas/…/143/22 free to join grp. secondlife:///app/group/f98b3f6f-fd29-32d9-d6fe-dc3a06868bf4/about

Luas – VIP group -L$ 50 to join –…/141/22
 – Una no grp required

:C’est la vie !:: mainstore – Cost to join: 200 (Sometimes Free!)

Holli Pocket Mainstore – – no grp

TR ~ Toxxic Rhianny – free grp secondlife:///app/group/027dd3ad-05a6-3e2b-6013-09d2af7f842f/about taxi –

Stitched Apart, –

Group & non group – NoName

Alien Gizmo’s & Erotica Mainstore – Classic & Mesh outfits for ladies – free to join grp. Watch out for the little green men tho. 

DarkBetty, – Ladies fashion mostly for classic avatar…/216/21 – also pays out L$ – group to join 10L$

Baby Monkey Mainstore

-monaLISA-, SABLE – Lucky Boards & Group Gifts – 50L$ to join group

Oubliette – Free Group secondlife:///app/group/2e997691-9914-7675-7933-a8957f62f100/about

Petite Mort – which is the opposite end of the sim too Oubliette – so same grp – same free to join

Kaithleen’s Mainstore – cost to jopin 99L$…/Isle%20of%20Kaithle…/114/137/27

LYBRA . LUCKY BOARDS- Grp FRee to Join – secondlife:///app/group/9dda1a1f-9318-86ae-11b5-9e2732f28d77/about Location :…/Twilight%20Woods/…/3008

YoU by GeMyles Flagship Store *Maitreya * Physique * Hourglass…/Secluded%20Secrets/…/22

Noahs Gestenshop & DekoShop , Free – no group to join…/Island%20Life/…/63/3002

Le’La ~ Mainstore – grp too join 50L$…/LeLa%20Island/…/115/2302

RAPTURE Flagship – Grp Join 690L$

Lucky Boards –

YM SHOP, – free group – ladies Mesh & shoes

Just 4 Fun Shop by Phoebe – 18 Lucky Boards & 7 Lucky Chairs – grp cost 50L to join –

MCP Fashion Store –…/22 Grp cost – 89L$ secondlife:///app/group/5c2684ec-c512-a462-992c-013837f92f44/about

Lucky Chairs – Dark Salvation & DS Men’s Wear, No Group Required –

Brii Underground & V8 SHOP –…/Valentine%20Heart…/133/113/3400 – Group Required fee L$398

Lucky Boards – LSR Moda, Bad Girl – – Group required – L$99 fee

SCANDALIZE – Group to join – L$100 .

Seniha Orginals & NativeUrban –…/The%20Good%20Place/…/23 Group Required – Free to join.

siss boom – Lucky Boards ,…/22 – Group required. $L500

MH Unique Design – Cost to join group – L$200

Allura Mainstore…/Surreal%20Orange/…/128/21 No grp required.

TAE (adult) – Mainstore, No grp

UniQue BoutiQue, (M) Grp Free.

Reborn (M) Grp Free

^0^ Belle Morte ^0^, – Adult – Group to join – 10L$

Meshy Bishes Store Ft Libertys Of London (M)

:JD Customs: (M) – Group required Free.

..::SHEA DESIGNS::.. Clothing for Women & Men, (moderate)

Just Ordinary – Womens Fashion Store (Moderate) Group required, free to join

Store – [RUNAWAY HAIR] . Location: Required – 50L$ to join

Store -Xxxtasi & Beauty Kartel Mainstore. Location: Required – FREE to join