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Lucky Letter Locations

Read the full terms & conditions sorounding contest here:


The Prize Draws,Giveaway & Contests are Operated by Lucky Letter Locations Ltd . Lucky Letter Locations operates in accordance with the Data Protection Act and Practices a 100% opt-in permissions marketing. Our contests maybe promoted over serveral different websites simultaneously.


Prize draw, contest &/or giveaway entrants must be registered with a Second Life account over 30days old. The Contest may be conducted over serval different websites &/or platforms simultaneously. A maximim of one entry per person per contest is allowed. Members with duolicate registrations will be disqualified from winning. Persons professionally connected with Lucky Letter locations or any of the prize draw sponsors are ineligible. Entrants may be disqualified as per the terms and conditions set out.


Winners will be seleted at random by computer within 72 hours of the contest closing date. Winners will be notified by winner Announcemnet message on Facebook. If you are a winner, simply follow the instructuions on the message with in 30days of reciving it and your prize will be sent to you within 30days of the claim date. The operator is not responable for the messages not being recived. it is the entrant’s responsibleity to check the website & notices to see it they are a winner. Prizes must be claimed within 30days of the contest closing date. after that we will not enter into further correspondence regarding that contest. We will publish the name and gender of winners. winners well be deemed to give Lucky letter locations a perpetual irrevocabnle licence to use thier name and genderand/or images in furture promotions upto 3 years.


All prizes are subject to avaliabilty. should any prize be unavaible, a prize of similar price or specifation could be subsituted. A crash altertiveto the stated prize may be offered to the winner if the opertaor so choosses. We usethird party to send all prizes and take no responsiblity for failure of delivery outside our control. unclaimed prizes will be void. all images shown are for illustration only.

Personal Information

While entering a contest you may be asked to complete a questionnaire. please see the privacy policy for information about how your answers and registration information may be used. Certain contests contain special terms or conditions. Please follow the link on the entry post/page for more details.

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